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Antarra is an award-winning full-service marketing and public relations firm. We specialize in creating a brand strategy and messaging platform that effectively tells your story. Consistent visual cues and written messaging across all your communications will build trust in your brand and its products or services.

Antarra adheres to its mission of communicating our clients’ stories to the right audiences with authenticity. For more than 20 years, we have consistently delivered real business outcomes and surpassed our clients’ goals through our proven marketing processes.


How Can your Brand be considered authentic in the days of chat GPT?

In these early days of AI, your message needs to be authentic and resonate with your specific audiences. Let’s see what Chat GPT has to say abut authentic marketing.

Authentic marketing prioritizes honesty, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of a business’s communication and branding. Rather than relying on manipulative tactics or exaggerating claims, authentic marketing emphasizes genuine, meaningful connections with customers, based on shared values and mutual respect. 

This approach requires businesses to focus on building long-term relationships with customers, rather than simply selling products or services. By being open and honest about their values, practices, and product offerings, businesses can foster trust and loyalty with customers, which can lead to increased brand recognition, customer retention, and positive word-of-mouth.

To practice authentic marketing, businesses must be willing to listen to their customers, acknowledge their needs and concerns, and actively engage in dialogue with them. This involves being transparent about the production process, supply chain, and environmental impact of their products or services. Authentic marketing also requires businesses to be honest about their limitations and shortcomings, and to take responsibility for any mistakes or errors that occur. 

By approaching marketing in this way, businesses can create a sense of authenticity and credibility that resonates with customers, leading to stronger, more sustainable relationships over time.

Written by Chat GPT with our input.

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Public Relations

We work with our clients as a marketing partnership and believe the best marketing efforts emerge from research and an ongoing conversation with your team.

Social Media​​

Creating the right content, imagery, frequency and message for communicating in social media channels is an essential element of public relations.

Strategy / Planning

We use the Optrian Marketing Method developed by Bob Eminian to help our clients find their voice and his Product Passport Process to guide the messaging expression.

Digital Marketing

In this day of virtual tradeshows and events, marketing has to adapt to the new demands made upon it. Sometimes a 30- second man on the street video can have a big impact.

Web Design​

We develop concise websites that use the messaging framework that your marketing efforts are based upon. We use visual brand messaging throughout your website.


You have seconds to catch someone's eye with an image. Graphics must immediately invoke an emotion in your audience whether its trust, quality, function or style.

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