Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is key to developing an effective lead generation marketing communications program and keeping it on track.

  • Sales Objectives and Planning
  • Customer /Competitive Research
  • Message Development
  • Content / Storytelling

Corporate and Product Positioning
We create documents and presentations that accurately reflect your unique corporate personality and provide your customers with in-depth information about your new product orĀ  business. Developing a consistent messaging style helps support your brand recognition programs. Our copywriting team will produce copy from compelling tag lines to expert PowerPoint presentations.

  • Contributed Articles/White Paper Copywriting
  • Email programs
  • SoMe content / Blog Entries
  • Power Point Development
  • Reporting

Business Relations
Establishing a business relationship and trust with the press, bloggers and industry analysts are key relationships to develop and maintain. These relationships are vital to help your company achieve its sales objectives. Antarra has long term relationships with the press and the industry relations to help your business grow.

  • Web Content Copywriting
  • Online Press Room Development
  • Event Promotion
  • Database Management

Additional Services
We offer a host of lead generation services to help you generate sales leads.

  • Events
  • Creative
  • Social Media
  • Web Development / Update
  • Ad Placement
  • Audience Sensing
  • Feedback Analysis

Contact us today and let us help get your audience informed for your sales rep to make a sale.