About Antarra

Founded in 2001, Antarra Communications is an award-winning, resource-flexible marketing agency. Our experienced team works with clients in a wide range of industries with an emphasis on B-to-C and B-to-B high technology, consumer goods, political campaigns and green technology clients.

Technology is always adapting and evolving and so should a marketing agency. We continually redefine ourselves as communicators and work with our clients to determine upcoming marketing needs. We believe your audience dictates the medium and methods used to receive information. We tailor our award-winning programs to ensure your stakeholders, influencers, potential investors and customers, see, hear and understand your message above the noise.

Content is king. In today's highly competitive world, thoughtful, informative content delivered in a blog or quick Instagram post will create a community of involved viewers. We believe in creating a sphere of core content to be disseminated across all marketing channels.

Antarra provides comprehensive agency services, our public relations team has long-standing, close relationships with the consumer electronics, B-to-B technology, clean tech, and consumer goods press. Through research and strategic marketing planning, we find what differentiates you from your competitors, and begin to develop the positioning for your company. Our team then crafts your message to resonate with your key audiences.

We view our clients as a marketing partnership and believe the best communications efforts emerge from an thoughtful, ongoing conversation with your team. We value your opinion and anticipate your needs.

Our creative team will visually tell your story and spark interest in your company and its products.

Antarra will research and identify your objectives and assemble the right blend of skills, technology and resources to achieve them. Our team will deliver thoughtful, well-researched analysis, strategic thinking, compelling storytelling, insightful creative and execute on time.  We will keep the program fresh and evolving through ongoing evaluation and measurement. 

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